“One of life’s most painful mysteries was that time moved on, with or without you. Those left behind loved and laughed and resumed living as if you’d never been at all.”

Tragedy and deep mourning chase both, Tempe Tucker, and Sion Morgan. In a search for peace, Tempe helps run an inn with her family, helping the pioneers who pass over the regions of the Cumberland Gap. As Sion and a crew from Virginia get an allowance to survey the terrain of Kentucke, threats from the Indians, who use the land for hunting, endanger their mission. Circumstances drive Sion and his companions to the Moonbow Inn.

After suffering from a dreadful event in 1773, Tempe’s world changed indefinitely. Her hopes and dreams of a blissful future with James Boone was not to be. The attack at Powell region killed more than the three that were massacred. The first attempt of traveling into the wild acres of Kentucke was a disappointing start. The Tuckers strive in traveling west was a crime that Mr. Tucker, Tempe’s patriotic father, committed against a loyal Tory. The family seeks redemption and solitude, while Tempe only wanted to spend the rest of her days with Daniel Boone’s firstborn, James Boone, who died by the hands of Indians.

Leaving a once abundantly blessed home, which is now bare of life, Sion and his former brother-in-law travel into the already paved path through the Appalachians. Following the death of his wife and child, Sion’s heart slowly becomes coated with bitterness towards his faith.

Will the native soil bring Sion a chance to lean on the Almighty for restoration? Can Tempe ever find room to love another? Witness how both roles intertwine with each other in one of the most crucial eras in history.

Genre: Christian, Historical Fiction, Romance

Appropriate Age: 13+

Some of the historical scenes and details were very well described, therefore, some who have a weak stomach should be warned there are some gruesome facts.